Bob Fearnley - Godalming in pictures

There are many old and interesting buildings in our town, here is a small selection of them.

One local guide to Godalming's history states: "The landscape we see today has developed during more than five thousand years of history". The oldest surviving building is, I beleieve, our parish church, the core of which was built in about 980AD.

The timber frame houses fronting onto Bridge Street now house small businesses.
A quite corner of town and probably where the original Saxon settlement was located.
Traditional Morris dancing outside the Red Lion pub during one of Godalming's open days.
One of several old coaching inns in the town, the Red Lion was built in the 1480s. Under that rendered exterior are walls built of local Bargate stone.
A local bookshop, once a butcher's. The rail across the front was used for hanging up the game.
One time coaching inn on the main London to Portsmouth Road, The King's Arms Royal Hotel.
It is said that one of the Russian Czar's once stayed overnight with his entourage and left without paying his bill!
Another old coaching inn, also on the main London to Portsmouth Road, The Royal George.
The lower floors now all house shops.
One of the oldest parts of town. In the foreground is a bridge over the river Ock but for most of Godalming's history there was a ford here. Opposite is one of the town's corn mills
Also in the oldest part of town. This tiny house is frequently on the market - we often wonder why the owners chose to move on so quickly - is it haunted?

If you've stayed with me this far you must have some stamina! I hope you've enjoyed this virtual tour of Godalming - my home town.

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