Miscellaneous Fearnley links

Fearnleys appear in Street names in many towns in the UK and even a Takeaway in Cairns, Australia.

Derek and Emma are narrow-boating Fearnleys in the UK. They have two narow-boats that they run as 'boat hotels' and there is an article about them on the Observer/Guardian website. Emma has produced a recipe book called Moveable Feasts containing the most popular dishes served during their cruise holidays.

James Fearnley Bee Propolis, Natural Healing from the hive.

Jim and Liz Fearnley were former teachers who bought a pub and decided to add a brewery in outhouses at the back.

High Fernley Hall, High Fernley Road, SW Bradford. Go to www.old-maps.co.uk and enter 414969,427472 into the co-ordinate search to see High Fernley Hall as it was in 1854 - you will need to zoom in for the detail. Read about a preservation project in the surrounding area at Judy Woods.

There is even a whole family of Setters called Fearnley but sadly the site with their photos has gone.

ZoŽ Fearnley, School Manager, Institute of Education, London

Fernley Farm near Ozleworth Park & Ozleworth Bottom, Wotton-under-Edge.

Beth Fearnley's Handbag site would have had a link as well but it produced far too many popup ads when I visited.

There are a similar number of roads and streets named Fernley, take a look at www.streetmap.co.uk.

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