Welcome to www.Fearnleys.org.uk. The site is intended for all Fearnley members wherever they live but particularly for those who reside in the UK. It isn't likely to change very often because I am a busy guy and will be relying on my own part time research and input from interested visitors. Some Fearnleys have already contributed, some have said nice things in the Guestbook - why not add something yourself?

You will find links to other Fearnley related sites around the world and a list of Famous Fearnleys as I discover them. A few of the links are to sites with alternative spellings such as Fernley and Fearnly since Fernlie and possibly even Fernleigh & Farnley are variants of the same family root. I've included these on the basis that the spelling was not fixed until as late as 1900.

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The author's favourite Fearnley sites:

Robert Fearnley Tractors - I love the photos on this slightly quirky site!

Judy Woods and High Fernley Hall - ancestral home of the Fearnleys?.

Thomas Fearnley, artist, 1802 to 1842.

Would you like a tote bag with Fearnley name emblazoned down the side? Look here!

New! I have added some more photos in the 'About the Author' section showing some of the best and worst parts of the town where I live. One of our buildings has been nominated by me and others for the Channel 4 TV program 'Demolition' about the ugliest buildings in Britain.

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