Fearnley Genealogy

Although a late starter, having only begun in early 2003, I am steadily researching and building my family tree. If you are interested you can view the progress so far *here*. I'm fairly confident of what I have so far though there are many dates still to research and record.

I have to thank two people, also doing family tree research, who have given me enormous help in my research. So, a huge vote of thanks to Eric Winstanley in Lancashire who helped me with the Fearnley side and to Ros Hickman in Devon who helped me with the Whites of Otterton in Devon.

More Fearnley related Genealogy information can be found on the following sites:

I have also found IGI to be very useful for helping clarify a family but have learned the hard way only to trust those entries with Batch Numbers. Other entries may be correct but I found far too many member's entries that contained errors and plainly had not been checked.

I have also found many records for my Fearnley family on these sites:

There is also the 'World Family Fearnley' site on MSN with a few Fearnleys doing family tree research. Not a lot happening there at present but nice friendly folks from the UK, NZ and Canada.

If you have Fearnley genealogy interests in Lancashire, or any other area, why not drop me a line? If you have a website I'll give you a link.
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