My Fearnley Download Page

In this area I have a few files you can download, I hope to add more as time goes on.. These are mainly the results of my Genealogy research on the Fearnly family in the Wigan-Ashton-Winwick area.

The files are in 'zip' format, to download the files, simply double click on the links and choose where to save them. On you own system, click on the files wherever you saved them to 'Unzip'

This file "ParishRegister.xls" contains all the Fearnley entries I have transcribed from the Ashton, Newton and Winwick Parish Registers. In MS Excel format, the data can be sorted and displayed in a number of ways depending on what you are looking for.

The the MS Excel file in "" contains much the same data as the file above except that all the individuals major life events have been laid out horizontally by date. This has help me to group some of the more difficult individuals into the correct families. My thanks to Matthew Fitzgerald in Holland for this idea.

The initial results of my searches for Fearnleys in IGI are here "IGI Files", there are more to come but I need the time to extract and tidy them. I have been steadily collecting Fearnley details from IGI for the towns and villages surrounding Ashton, Newton and Winwick in the hope of tracking down some Fearnleys who never seem to have been born but who suddenly appear in the records, married and with a family!

The "BlazonOfArms" provided by Ken Fearnley in New Zealand is available here.

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