Our Coat of Arms?

Do we have our own Coat of Arms? To date I've been sent two, thanks fella's!

Ken from NZ came to the rescue first with the Fearnley 'Blazon of Arms':

The formal description of it is: "Or on a bend vert three buck's heads cabossed argent attired of the first".

Again, due to Ken's computer crash he cannot say where this came from but he suggests it is probably French.

Then Don Fearnly from Toronto sent me this one:

Don tells me it was bought as a blazer badge for his 21st birthday.

The thing that strikes me about both these is that they have three bucks heads on a green diagonal surmounted by a helmet - perhaps this is the true Fearnley Crest.

I later found this website that confirms much of the above, but being a commercial site I am treating all this with a bit of caution.

The Fearnley motto is: Sinew macula (Without Stain.), again from Ken in New Zealand.

Fernley Tattoo

Alan Fernley is so proud of the family crest that he's had it done as a tattoo!

Alan lives in Lancashire with his partner and two sons, Jack and Warren, hence the added banner above the crest.

Do you have any more unusual uses of our crest?

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