Fearnleys in Business

Some of the more interesting and unusual Fearnleys in business around the world:

I don't promote or endorse any of the businesses listed here, nor do I have a financial interest in any of them. They are listed simply because I found their websites of interest or because they demonstrate how well some of the Fearnley 'clan' have done.

Robert Fearnley Tractors - I love the photos on this slightly quirky site!

Astrup-Fearnley, a huge Norwegian Shipping group founded by Thomas Fearnley in 1869. This link takes you to a brief view of the company's history. The various companies in the Astrup-Fearnley group make up a large corporate organisation covering many aspects of international shipping.

Chris Fearnley founded Silvertree Engineering to make temperature monitoring systems in Cornwall.

The Fearnley Cricket Company now has it's own website where you can buy Duncan Fearnley's products. At last I have one of those cricket bags with "Fearnley" emblazoned down the side! Click on the image below to see a full image of the bag. This is the small size and can be bought for a very reasonable price direct from the Fearnley Cricket Company website.

Clive Fearnley owns and runs CNF Precision Engineering with his two sons.

The Fearnley Procter Group - Aberdeen, Services to the Oil & Gas Industries.

Richard Fearnley Funeral Director, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

B J Fearnley Wedding photography in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Alan Fearnley Records, Middlesborough.

Stella Fearnley, co-author, Behind Closed Doors: What Company Audit is Really About.

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