Fearnleys in the Arts


Marcus Fearnley - Photographer and charcoal artist. Some fine work and the opportunity to commmision Marcus to sketch you!

James Fearnley, artist, living in OZ. James was born in Leigh, Lancs in 1933 to Wilfred Fearnley and Teresa Leyland. James went 'down under' in 1955. James has some fine watercolours.

Neill Fearnley - modern artist.

Alan Fearnley - Automobile artist. Also here.

Alan Fearnley - Railway artist. Is this the same Alan as the Automobile artist above ??


Laurence Fearnley - New Zealander and fiction writer

Jan Fearnley - Childrens author and illustrator. Also here.

Jane F-Whittingstall Author, landscape architect and garden designer.

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